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how to make Vada Pav at home

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Simple Vada Pav:

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Bread slices-6
Alu palya
Vada Pav pudi
Green chillies-8

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Method to prepare vada pav pudi:

Garlic pods -12(don’t remove the skin)
Red chillies-8
Grated dry coconut 5tbsps.

Dry roast garlic pods,grated dry coconut and red chillies separately.
First grind red chillies and keep aside,then garlic.
Now mix altogether chillies, garlic, salt,coconut and grind together.
Pav baji pudi is ready.

Take a kadai add little oil and fry green chillies for a minute then remove from oil add salt mix well and keep aside.

Now cut bread pieces to your desired shape and roast on a tava adding butter.sprinkle pudi on it then top with alu palya and close the other bread pieces on it.
Vada Pav is ready to eat with spicy chillies.

Note:can store the Vada Pav pudi in an air tight container for a long time in fridge.

Don’t add onions to alu palya..just ginger,garlic,chillies paste to oggarane.



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